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Lazy way to success summary and review

Many of us want to achieve great success in life but laziness stands in our way like a big rock.  Fred Gratzon in his book ‘Lazy way to success’ describes, “success is inversely proportional to hard work”.

Written by self proclaimed laziest man in the world, “Lazy way to success” is a book that challenge, the way we think about hard work.

Author profile – Fred Gratzon is an entrepreneur, Author and Publisher.

Summary of Lazy way to success

Work – Has anyone ever found wealth, health or fulfilment by “Keeping one’s nose to the grindstone ?”, Or by “Putting ones shoulder to the wheel?”. This kind of hard work only leads to stress, unhappiness , lack of creativeness and finally dying at young age.

In praise of laziness – Laziness is impulse to avoid work, or do as little as possible. Nature itself is lazy or in other works by the “Principle of Least Acton”.

Principle of Least Acton representation

In search of effortlessness – Most if not all world’s advances and improvements where discovered or invented by people fed up with the old ways of doing things.

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