Rich dad poor dad short summary

Short summary of rich dad poor dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Author profile : Robert T. Kiyosaki

Type of book : Money management, Investing

Language : Available in English, Tamil, Hindi

Recommended by : Will smith


Rich dad poor dad will would be a good read for to anyone who want to start a business/build assets . A book that will change the way you see assets and liability. And will help you to do your money management in long term basis. If “Study hard and get a job”, is an advise you regularly get, then read this book.

What you can learn from this book

  • Know what real asset is (Richs buy assets, poor buy liabilities)
  • Difference in the way rich and poor think
  • Smart tips on money management

What Critics say about rich dad poor dad

Unfavorable opinions–>This book was firstly introduced as a part of amway (Multy Level Marketing) promotion.He actullay became rich by selling this book. He is trying to sell financial management game along with this book & one chapter is dedicated to this.

Our verdict:

If you think your house (not land) is an assent for you. This book will change way you see assets and liability. Reader will also get to know how smart people exploit power of delegation, and loopholes in laws (more often in a bad way) for building real assets.

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