The 12 week year summary

Part 1 – Helps you understand the process to achieve your most valuable goals in only weeks.

Part 2- All about making your goals happen.

Part 1

Redefining the year 

Most of people/organisations plan on yearly basis, then set goals for each months or weeks. But ultimately they evaluate their success annually (annualised thinking).

Discard annualised thinking

Annualised thinking leads to a mirage/belief that there is plenty of time for execution of plans. We also tend to think that later in the year we will experience a significance improvement in the results. To perform at our best, we need to get out of our annualised thinking and focus on shorter time frames.

Why great things happen at year end

People and companies tend to yield maximum results last 60 days of year end. It is amazing what happens, when we have a goal and a dead line. People procrastinate less during this time of year.


Principles of periodization (“One skill at a time for a definite period of time“) are focus, concentration and overload on a specific skill or discipline.

12 Week year approach

This is a structured approach developed by authors, that intended to change the way you think and act. Way of thinking needs to change because, results are direct byproduct of actions you take & actions are manifestation of what you think.

12 week year graphical representation

By changing annualised thinking, your actions will realign with your new thought patterns.

Moving to 12 Weeks equal a year way of thinking

Now, year end push to hit your goals not happens in every 12 months, but all the time. 12 week year creates a new dead line and you can see it approaching fast.

The emotional connection

Your business vision becomes more powerful when it is developed in light of your personal vision. Business is just part of life. Your vision about life is what gives relevance to your business.

Your brain and vision

You can literally train your brain to act on your vision just by thinking about it . Because same neurons in brain are getting activated, while you think/act on your vision.

From annual plan to 12 week plan

In 12 week planning, every 12 weeks stand alone. Benefits of 12 week planing are

  • More predictable future than 12 month planning
  • Great at few things than mediocre at many things
  • More easy to implement

One week at a time

“The greatest predictor of your future are your daily actions. Physical universe moves by action not by passion”

To use your weekly plan effectively, you will need to spend the first 20 minutes of each week to review progress of past week.

Now one year means 12 weeks, one month means one week, and a week is now a day.

Confronting the truth